Greenspring Ballroom 3-6


1:00 PM - Gaylactic Spectrum Awards: Past, Present & Future.
Carl Cipra

2:00 PM - Writing in Someone Else's Universe. What it is like to write in shared universes.
Emma Bull,Katherine Kurtz, Scott MacMillan, Will Shetterly. Heather Rose Jones, Moderator

3:00 PM - Working and sometimes living with a famous author. What is it like? What are the good and the bad sides of being a right hand person?
Cara Coville, Julie Holderman, Caroline Feindel, Heather Rose Jones. Carl Cipra, Moderator

4:00 PM - Keeping Your Characters Interesting. How do you keep characters in a long-running series fresh, relevant, and interesting?
C.J. Friedman, Katherine Kurtz, Tamora Pierce. Don Sakers, Moderator

5:00 PM - What is science fiction/fantasy art? What are its boundaries? What belongs here, and what does not.
Tristan Alexander, Nancy Janda, Hannah M.G. Shapero. Carl Cipra, Moderator

6:00 PM - Collaborating with Friends and Family.
Emma Bull & Will Shetterly, Katherine Kurtz & Scott MacMillan, Tamora Pierce & Tim Liebe. Carl Cipra, Moderator

7:00 PM - Doing Research. How much? What are good sources? What to avoid? Does it help to be in the SCA?
C.J. Friedman, Heather Rose Jones, Katherine Kurtz. Jennifer Heise, Moderator

8:00 - 10:00 PM - Costume optional Ball Dance with the Homespun Ceilidh Band and our favorite vampire

10:00 PM - John Huff, Cliff and Dennis. Music performance.


10:00 AM - Staying Focused. How to Keep Distractions to a Minimum When You're Writing.
Emma Bull,C.J. Friedman, Katherine Kurtz, Will Shetterly. Carl Cipra, Moderator

11:00 AM - Writing and Editing: Can You/Should You Do Both?
Katherine Kurtz, Scott MacMillan, Don Sakers. Catherine Coker, Moderator

12:00 Noon - Is Blogging the Same as Writing?
C.S. Friedman , Tim Liebe, Alanna Morland, Tamora Pierce, Don Sakers. Carl Cipra, Moderator

1:00 PM - GoH Speech - Emma Bull & Will Shetterly

2:00 PM - Comics and Graphic Novels: Alive and Growing Stronger.
Tim Liebe, Don Sakers, Will Shetterly

3:00 PM - What does the author owe her/his audience?
Emma Bull, C. J. Friedman, Heather Rose Jones, Alanna Morland, Tamora Pierce. Carl Cipra, Moderator

4:00 PM - Autograph session - all authors.

5:00 PM - Regency Ball.

6:00 PM - Continued.

7PM-9PM - Set up for concert


11:00 PM - Continued



10:00 AM - The Ultimate Evil. What is beyond the limits for "good"?
C.S. Friedman, Heather Rose Jones, Scott MacMillan, Don Sakers. Carl Cipra, Moderator

11:00 AM - The Twilight Phenomenon: Vampires Rule the YA Shelves.
Emma Bull, Margaret Carter, Will Shetterly. Tamora Pierce, Moderator

12:00 Noon - From Elfland to Poughkeepsie Revised. Or where do elves belong these days?
Emma Bull, C.S..Friedman, Katherine Kurtz, Alanna Morland, Will Shetterly. Heather Rose Jones, Moderator


2:00 PM - Questions and Answers All authors. Come and ask questions of your favorite authors who are here this year.
Jaelle, Moderator

3:00 PM - Talk to the Chair Alton about this and future Darkovercons - Yes, there will be one next year!

jaelle @ darkovercon.org

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